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William Shakespeare (1564-1616) was one of the greatest and famous writers in human history He was born in Stratford-on-Avon a small town in the middle of England His father wanted his son to be a well-educated person and William was sent to the local grammar school Those days there were not a lot of theatres in towns and actors and actresses had to travel moving from one place to another with their shows Sometimes they visited Stratford-on-Avon William liked to watch them playing He got fond of their profession and he decided to become. Gdz- – это огромный образовательный ртал который может предложить вам множество лезных функций Наш проект ориентирован на учеников 5-11 классов и их родителей! He went to London and there he became an actor At that time he began to write plays too Shakespeare was at the same time an actor and a playwright In his works he reflected events of his contemporaries' life His plays were staged in many theatres translated into many foreign languages That made Shakespeare a very popular man.   Educational resources of the Internet - English

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    William Shakespeare (2)                   В-Четвертых во многих школах предмету технология учителя требуют создания какого-либо проекта Ученики в основном не знают как оформлять работу и что вообще создавать Для этого был создан раздел творческие проекты технологии.       William Shakespeare wrote also a lot of poetry including his unbeaten sonnets There are numerous songs written with his poems He is still most often published author of the world and well known among people We do not know much about his life We can only guess what kind of man he was analyzing the legends and a few documents of. Также есть раздел предметных таблиц таким предметам как алгебра информатика геометрия биология физика Это уменьшенные копии таблиц которые висят в ваших школьных классах.